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Tonight was fun meeting up with Catherine former ABB-land, now Harley-Davidson! She's the buddy at work that spoke facebook and google and stuff with me, while most adults were family vacation-ing or grand-children-ing. :D We went out to Leff's Lucky Town in Wauwatosa... it was like the hippest place to be for 20-30 somethings! O_O I looked around like, "so THIS is what I'd look like if I wasn't obsessed with anime and manga, eh?" tee hee... (I'd be drinking Corona, complaining about work, and conversing about kissing random hot Filipino guys on cruise trips! Sweeeeet..)

However, as soon as I get free time on the computer, it's time for Koichi. *sigh* (Yes, I was onto something and then I got distracted. Ah well. :P)
(Yes, this is the opening to the anime Jyo Oh Sei...which he also did the voice of the main character's.)
I heard from nyshal that he'll be coming to New York next year. I don't know if he really will, but if he is, I might save up and go...to EVERY show. Or something like that. And then, my secret impossible wish would be he'd sign autographs and then I could touch him. Or something like that. Too. And I'm just watching this again because I forgot how listening to him and watching him makes me happy. Besides playing with Jozelyn. :D