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More ponderings...and exasperations!!!

Mom was yelling at Dad for stuff...over and over...repeatedly repeating herself... as she usually does, so of course we kids step in to mediate. We told Mom to stop yelling at Dad and go to sleep then told Dad that he has to communicate everything more often and repeatedly because Mom's paranoid and forgetful that way. *sigh*

I cleaned my bed yesterday! I was starting to become a hoarder! Part of my bed was starting to fill with stuff! I could only sleep on half of it! It's nice to feel clean.

OMG! No...for a very fraction of a second I was thinking that we never invite people to our house because it's too messy...and then remembered how this journal entry started, lol. It's the people that make me nervous, not the house, lol.

Not just the arguing is a pain, but my 19 year old sister's disgusting life of a leech is ...problematic. She's become better with realizing she has a baby, but so far she's stopped there. Apparently life's too hard to branch this realization out to the rest of her life. It's not that hard if you'd just use your freaking brain-the reason Jozelyn doesn't sleep on her bed us because you didn't clean it and make it for her, the reason she can't find clothes (and neither can we for her) is because you leave her clothes in piles all over the place. It's not just about taking her to the doctor or giving her baths, it's everything else too. *sigh*

Why can't people just give their own minds a ...thought? Really, your mind is that worthless? Why is it so trying just because I asked you to think? I promise you won't die if your brain cells receive some acknowledgement and life. In fact, if no brain power will be used it's the opposite -you're a vegetable or deceased.

Time for bed and more work tomorrow.

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Aug. 16th, 2011 02:19 am (UTC)
*hugs* Hang in there Stacy! I know how crazy family can be. -_-;;
Aug. 18th, 2011 04:21 am (UTC)

*hugs* sankyuuuu *hugs*

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