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Don't want to go to sleep

My glasses are dingy, my eyes are achey, and I need to shower, but I don't want to because ... I wish there were more hours in the day! Today, I was watching Design Star and finally Cathy got let go! Thank you, Jesus! Really? He'll yeah you better believe you're iut! Cathy McBossy Boss should've been your name! Goodbye, McBossy Boss! Goodbye!

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Aug. 17th, 2011 03:10 am (UTC)
Omg, I'm SO glad she finally left! I couldn't stand that woman!
Aug. 18th, 2011 04:20 am (UTC)

Ugh, everytime she was on screen I think I covered my ears!

Aug. 18th, 2011 04:22 am (UTC)

PS- see you on Saturday?!?! :D

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