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ciao ciao...ohayo...

Hello LiveJournal land! I write to you after a long day of lots of work to keep me out of trouble! Well, also, a few weeks ago I went on a fabulous tour of Italy! How amazing it was! (How expensive it was! ;) ) It was such a happy trip that coming back to work has been...hard to say the least. I find myself so impatient with people these days, it's awful. Slowly, I'm adjusting back to family and everyday life. In the meantime, I'm working on saving money for Japan and finding the best way to get around to do stuff there. I really had a great time with the Trafalgar tour, so I asked the same travel agent for a similar company that did the Italy tour! She came back with 3 different companies that do tours in Asia! So many options...which is great!

To be continued...