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well, hopefully this app (eljay) will post this entry. it has been an amazing year, lol. last year's memory of italy still lives on, but this year was quite epic because i got to be a bridesmaid for the first time in my life. and it was a beautiful wedding. and in less than two months it will be my 31st birthday. these days it is sad, speaking of age, because many older relatives are passing away. i feel like i have hardly lived a life. my skin has become a big health issue. it has always been an issue, but i just never knew what to do with it. a very good friend at work recommended a nutritionist. so far so good. i'm feeling kinda robust, and this scar oil is soothing, healing, and cheap! work is good, but no matter what i do at work, i do not feel i'm making a difference like when i was in quality. mostly, in less than one year our awesome team was dissolved. what was the point of it? so now, the job i do is a mumbo jumbo of old roles and a new one...we're trying to remake ourselves, but the revolving door still remains. atleast it is Christmas holiday!


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