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Sometimes it feels like I'm drifting farther and farther away from groups of people, but no matter how hard I try not to drift away, it just seems to make it worse, lol. Just like in the movies or something like that, lol. (I just gave it that title because I'm listening to a BoA song and it sounds like should be called Groove.) Sigh, so that is that. On the other side, I'm still working like a slave. Last week I got in 52.5 hrs. This week will be...about the same. Suffice to say, I've made myself committed to going to Japan next year. But, there are times I wonder how long this work will last? (More so, how long will I last?) In the next week or so, I thought it'd be good to start working out. Yes, that's right. I'm giving in to all the healthy talk! Well...I measured my blood pressure at a pick'n'save a couple of weeks ago, and that latter number was on the low-high end O_O. Like, as Eve would say, "fo shizzle..?!?!" (Not that the cause of high blood pressure is not working out, or that it is...) It was a wake-up call to say, "get yo butt in gear, yo..." So maybe you'll see me at Cardinal Fitness...just don't know when a good time to go is...and I'll need work out clothes. Also, it'd be interesting to see close to death running will feel like, lol. (Imagine me at the treadmill...gasping for breath...yet with a devious smile, "ah...to feel out of breath...feels like this...lol o_O) Meanwhile, Ms. Nyshal has inspired to download a bunch of jpop, so I'm listening and enjoying it as I work on endless reports at work. :D Smile...you're earning OT...oh the joy... *_* We're getting merit increase and bonus money this coming week too........... "I feel happy..." @_@

Happy New Year!

Well, here is the new year! How does it feel? It feels wonderful as my family and I are hacking up our lungs! Poor Jozelyn included :( Hopefully we'll all be recovered by next week. Today I spent a lot of moola on new brakes... I going to try to go to Chicago less, but I just can't help it! (When sushi or shopping calls, I can't help it! XD) We had fun at Julie's just chillin. I almost died of laughter while playing Raving Rabbids! Besides being sick though, we're just working. Well, I'm saving up money for some furniture for the livingroom. We only have two chairs. Maybe there's something on craigslist... I know I said I would move out last year, but I couldn't after all the financial difficulties my parents went through, and still are going through. My family looks at me sometimes like I'm going to leave them behind, but it's so irritating because they're the ones that raised me so they should know better than to think something like that! I would like to move out, but I'm just not sure yet. I'm just waiting and planning the next move. And saving for rainy days that could happen again. I'm definitely glad for 2011 for work! The past year of chaos is finally past, and now we can hit the ground running. I'm just looking forward to a lot of planning and projects and definitely some travel.

A Christmas post

First I have to talk about an awesome co-worker who helped out a family that would not have had a Christmas if it wasn't for her. About a few weeks ago she and her kids were invited to one of their friends' birthday party. When she got there, the apartment was very neat, but very bare. There was no furniture to sit on or eat at, and the only "gift" the little boy got was the toy that was top of the cake. So, she got home that day and cried and told her kids not to take for granted all the nice things they have... and came to work the next day and e-mailed a lot of us at work.

This is a family that...Collapse )

Of course after reading the story all of us helped her gather money and things for the family:

Together we rallied up...Collapse )

As for presents at home, my brother somehow bought both my sister and I iPod touches! I got Judy a gps (with lifetime maps ^^;;). We shared crafty gifts earlier this month, too with some of the peeps. I also gave out some blankets, pj's, a play tent, and Dao loves his Bakugan bed sheets, lol. I did not expect the iPod touch and actually wanted Ghong to return it, but he said he wanted to this was his way of saying thanks for helping him get a great job at ABB. So I'm going to keep the iPod and he doesn't have to get me any presents for the rest of my life, lol.

I'm looking forward to this new year and I hope all if you are too. Merry Christmas and joyous new year wishes, everyone!

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I LOVE HARRY POTTER. And those are my thoughts on the movie, lol. Too bad it's only part 1! Other than that people have been giving it mixed reviews. It can't be helped though, but why would you go see a movie when you're 7 movies behind? lol. sucks to be you and now you're just complaining about how left out you feel, lol. Mostly when I think back to it, I think of the silly moments in the movie and the 3 parts that made me jump from my chair! (Well, it's not like I leapt up into the air, lol, just a little "like whoa!" type of deal) ....just sooo good and as always suspenseful, exciting, and entertaining. My Harry Potter friend at work and I discussed what it's going to be like if there are Harry Potter marathons, lol. Yeah, we didn't get far before saying we'd fall unconscious. I didn't expect to get hit so hard in the beginning with...it's been 10 years...wow. just amazed at that. maybe that's part of the reason I love Harry Potter so much, it'll be hard to think about a year of not anticipating the next movie. *tear* it has been so happy. ^___^
This past week was the 1st week I got to travel to Ohio for work, by myself! Usually I'm there with my boss or another co-worker. I got my own rental car, and had to eat on my own sometimes! It was full of being independent and spontaneous. I also worked hideous hours, like 8AM-6:30PM... -___- yet I wasn't bothered. I get bothered when I come home and can't have my own Stacy time. It's like, "no, no thanks, I'm good, okay?" So I rented a really depressing and violent movie called Harry Brown. Michael Caine plays this guy that has just lost his wife, and daughter and now loses his best friend due to the violent teenagers who rape and pillage for entertainment. So then he goes on a nice rampage too... No worries, I followed this up with Letters to Juliet. I highly recommend this sweeet sweeeeeeet movie. :D It's full of all things girly and I'll probably own it by day's end tomorrow. :D

Today has been cold and boring, so I spent most of it on the computer that my brother says I can use as much as I want to. Okay, will do! I've also been doing check book balancing and so forth. (shrugs) The little one is now 1 years old. I can't believe it. She goes on regular house attacks. When I was little and helped take care of my younger brothers and sisters, it did not feel this way. She is at her dad's mom's house this weekend, so that's why I got to be on the computer and forever. :)

Other things...that Jin guy that broke up KAT-TUN will be in Chicago next Sunday! OMG, I'm getting so excited. Mostly cause I just realized that he really is coming. Wow... he's a Johnny's... I can't help it. So then of course I do a Koichi search and watch a lot of Koichi. Sadly, not a lot of his videos will play because the internet is acting slow. :( How I love him and then I remembered how nyshal said he'd be here in a couple years for his New York musical gig. He works so hard, a lot of these Jpop do, that I feel they'll die young from exhaustion. And then, I'll never get to see him! :( ...so beautiful you are...

This weekend is Yaoi-con! Next year maybe I can go. But I was pissed I didn't plan better because Takanaga Hinako is the guest this year!!! Yes, it's her!!!! Just finally The Tyrant Falls in Love came out. (Going to grab it tomorrow with the borders 40% off coupon ;) ) Well, shukiai, we should plan to go one year. It really should have been this year. (sadness) Too much work and too much chaos at home though.

Meanwhile, there is a trip I have planned for next year and I've started putting away money to save for a trip to Japan. I don't know when or if I can, but it's starting now, so that eventually I'll be going. ;)

It's cold, time to watch more Koichi...borders isn't closed yet either... :D

Sep. 30th, 2010

Oh...so tired. I can't believe it's almost 11! When it comes to this time, I feel like it's tomorrow already. Isn't that crazy? In a few weeks I'll be in Ohio again. And then I should be signed up to go there again in November. I've fallen behind, and then they...promote me! So instead of Associate, I'm not Sr. Associate! (Yes, kinda like saying jumbo shrimp...eh.) The best part is...it comes with more money! Yay! But I'm way too tired and crazed to spend it now, lol. I'll have to wait for a quiet day when my mind has stopped reeling from work.

Last weekend I met a friend from high school on facebook and he's so passionate about music, it really inspired me. I think I'm going to start practicing again! It is October...and he said there's an orchestra or group that is auditioning in January. That could be a possibility. I'm way out of practice...I'm not sure if 3 months could bring me back from the dead? I'll see how next week goes. If I don't practice even once...well...not gonna happen in January then, lol.

Aaaa...soooo obsessed with My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (or Nine-tailed fox). And it just finished in Korea yesterday, which means it was frantically translated by online people and then I just finished watching it with the frantic subtitles. And by frantic subtitles I mean, sometimes there weren't any when you could clearly hear and see people talking for like two sentences and there were no subtitles, lol. But I loved it anyways! XD It's a cute drama, but near the climax, some of the sweet emotional climb was lost. I can't explain it... Wait, I think I can. It's the evil characters were not so evil. Or, there really was a lack of truly evilness. Maybe that's why I love this drama so much. It's pure silly, light-hearted, and lovely sweetness. Yeah, ridiculous and cute. And I'm hooked.

Yay today was payday! And now to pay the bills...boooooo.

Just tired, but freakin' excited that tomorrow is Friday!

Overwhelming times

This week will be flying by and I think that's why I've been anxious all day. I know I shouldn't worry about tomorrow, but I feel so challenged these days. Not to mention a certain dream I had on Wednesday morning made me terrorfied with happiness. Happiness that it was a really sweet and affectionate dream, but terrorfied at what it could mean that my subconscious desires? (One dream dictionary said it could be prophetic?!) Anyways, happy Monday!

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Aug. 18th, 2010

sleep! i defy you! arrrrrgh!
Tonight was fun meeting up with Catherine former ABB-land, now Harley-Davidson! She's the buddy at work that spoke facebook and google and stuff with me, while most adults were family vacation-ing or grand-children-ing. :D We went out to Leff's Lucky Town in Wauwatosa... it was like the hippest place to be for 20-30 somethings! O_O I looked around like, "so THIS is what I'd look like if I wasn't obsessed with anime and manga, eh?" tee hee... (I'd be drinking Corona, complaining about work, and conversing about kissing random hot Filipino guys on cruise trips! Sweeeeet..)

However, as soon as I get free time on the computer, it's time for Koichi. *sigh* (Yes, I was onto something and then I got distracted. Ah well. :P)
(Yes, this is the opening to the anime Jyo Oh Sei...which he also did the voice of the main character's.)
I heard from nyshal that he'll be coming to New York next year. I don't know if he really will, but if he is, I might save up and go...to EVERY show. Or something like that. And then, my secret impossible wish would be he'd sign autographs and then I could touch him. Or something like that. Too. And I'm just watching this again because I forgot how listening to him and watching him makes me happy. Besides playing with Jozelyn. :D

feeling UP and then way down...

this weekend was relaxing and fun. we just hung out, made some lovely perfume, ate delicious pizza, and watched some dvds, and played some games with the peeps. i was so relaxed... it was wonderful. and i had cheesy potatoes and chocolate zucchini cake for lunch :D

and then the happiness was cut off today when work reality hit. people aren't reading their emails i send them, and continue to repeat their requests... and at home, later in the evening, the mail got thrown in my face, so i threw it back at everyone else. it was the last straw. and i snapped. i knew i should have gone out shopping when i had the chance!! why didn't i listen to my brain?!

well, sometimes i wonder if it's just the chemicals in my body changing?? i keep forgetting that i'm 28 now, so i have no idea if things are supposed to feel as dramatic as they feel?? yeah, i'm just crabby pants these days... more reason to move out asap, but i'm having trouble with the monies...so then i'm not ready to move out? *sigh*

i forgot what my perfume smells like, brb after smelling it! :D