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feeling UP and then way down...

this weekend was relaxing and fun. we just hung out, made some lovely perfume, ate delicious pizza, and watched some dvds, and played some games with the peeps. i was so relaxed... it was wonderful. and i had cheesy potatoes and chocolate zucchini cake for lunch :D

and then the happiness was cut off today when work reality hit. people aren't reading their emails i send them, and continue to repeat their requests... and at home, later in the evening, the mail got thrown in my face, so i threw it back at everyone else. it was the last straw. and i snapped. i knew i should have gone out shopping when i had the chance!! why didn't i listen to my brain?!

well, sometimes i wonder if it's just the chemicals in my body changing?? i keep forgetting that i'm 28 now, so i have no idea if things are supposed to feel as dramatic as they feel?? yeah, i'm just crabby pants these days... more reason to move out asap, but i'm having trouble with the monies...so then i'm not ready to move out? *sigh*

i forgot what my perfume smells like, brb after smelling it! :D