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I LOVE HARRY POTTER. And those are my thoughts on the movie, lol. Too bad it's only part 1! Other than that people have been giving it mixed reviews. It can't be helped though, but why would you go see a movie when you're 7 movies behind? lol. sucks to be you and now you're just complaining about how left out you feel, lol. Mostly when I think back to it, I think of the silly moments in the movie and the 3 parts that made me jump from my chair! (Well, it's not like I leapt up into the air, lol, just a little "like whoa!" type of deal) ....just sooo good and as always suspenseful, exciting, and entertaining. My Harry Potter friend at work and I discussed what it's going to be like if there are Harry Potter marathons, lol. Yeah, we didn't get far before saying we'd fall unconscious. I didn't expect to get hit so hard in the beginning with...it's been 10 years...wow. just amazed at that. maybe that's part of the reason I love Harry Potter so much, it'll be hard to think about a year of not anticipating the next movie. *tear* it has been so happy. ^___^