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Happy New Year!

Well, here is the new year! How does it feel? It feels wonderful as my family and I are hacking up our lungs! Poor Jozelyn included :( Hopefully we'll all be recovered by next week. Today I spent a lot of moola on new brakes... I going to try to go to Chicago less, but I just can't help it! (When sushi or shopping calls, I can't help it! XD) We had fun at Julie's just chillin. I almost died of laughter while playing Raving Rabbids! Besides being sick though, we're just working. Well, I'm saving up money for some furniture for the livingroom. We only have two chairs. Maybe there's something on craigslist... I know I said I would move out last year, but I couldn't after all the financial difficulties my parents went through, and still are going through. My family looks at me sometimes like I'm going to leave them behind, but it's so irritating because they're the ones that raised me so they should know better than to think something like that! I would like to move out, but I'm just not sure yet. I'm just waiting and planning the next move. And saving for rainy days that could happen again. I'm definitely glad for 2011 for work! The past year of chaos is finally past, and now we can hit the ground running. I'm just looking forward to a lot of planning and projects and definitely some travel.